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What to expect

First, I come to you so, no rushing to get organized, needing to brave the cold or wondering if the baby will “behave”.  When I arrive, we’ll find a comfy place to sit and chat.  I want to learn about you, your health concerns and medical history. I will ask specific questions about your bladder, bowel, and sexual health, as well as about your diet and lifestyle.  We will agree on what you want to achieve and discuss how I can help.  Then I’ll probably do some physical tests to get more info to help with your treatment.  I may also suggest an internal vaginal examination as part of your physical assessment, which I will explain in detail before we proceed.  After the assessment we’ll put together a plan to guide us towards achieving your goals and start working together to improve your pelvic health and overall wellbeing.


"I offer an exceptional physiotherapy service with a special focus on supporting and empowering women"

Internal vaginal examination

Internal vaginal examination is widely recognized as the best way for a pelvic health physiotherapist to determine the probable causes of your concern and assess the health of your pelvic floor.  After you have shared your health concerns, I will know whether an internal examination will be helpful.  The examination requires me to place one or two clean, gloved, and lubricated fingers inside the vagina to gently palpate and assess the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissue and organs. I am most likely to suggest an internal examination as part of a second appointment.  Finally, just because I suggest an internal examination does not mean you have to have one.


Prior to undertaking any assessment or treatment I will explain what is involved, answer your questions, and make sure that you understand your options and any risks.    I may also require your written consent and I will bring any necessary paperwork with me.

Chaperone policy

If you would like a chaperone to be present during an internal examination, please let me know so that we can arrange an appropriate person to perform this role.  Please note, the chaperone may charge a fee for this service.

Preparing for your appointment

I would appreciate if you could have the following things ready prior to my arrival:

  • A private space with room to set up my portable massage table

  • 1 pillow

  • 2  bath towels

  • 1 sheet (single is fine)

  • A safe and secure place for children or pets during the physical assessment

  • Handwashing facilities

"The first step is often the hardest,

but the right support, advice and encouragement

can make it less confronting"

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